Anthony’s principal area of practice is Planning.

He has appeared in numerous public inquiries and examinations, promoting large scale development for a range of infrastructure, retail and residential developers; as well as acting for local government and public bodies in a range of cases.


Anthony advises housebuilders, promotion companies, investors and landowners on major mixed-use, residential and commercial schemes. He has advised on major urban extensions and nationally important infrastructure projects. Many of these schemes include issues such as infrastructure, heritage, landscape, ecology and green belt issues.

Examination in Public

Anthony represents his clients’ interests throughout the formation of local, regional and national development plans. He advises on strategic allocations and advocates for his clients at public consultation and EiP.  Key issues often include the sustainability of proposed allocations and soundness of the overall plan. 

Planning Appeals

Anthony regularly represents clients at hearings and planning inquiries across the country. He has an enviable track record at planning appeals, many of which are cases recovered by the Secretary of State. In addition, he has been involved in High Court / Court of Appeal proceedings related to the interpretation of National and Local Planning Policy and public benefits funded by development projects.


75D Banbury Road, OX2 6PE


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